Capitol: Bran Mar
Age: 4th Age, 5100th Year – Now
Notable Towns: Dram Levee, Sea Head, Morrash
National Language: Lynwinod


The borders of Lwyncanod stretch along the Landerend Rive at the West. The coastline creates the rest of the boundaries. Also, the town of Morrash and its surrounding are come under the control of Lwyncanod.


Bran Mar, an ancient, citadel-filled city from the old kingdom that used to control the major part of Arvenfall.

Dram Levee, a large city carved into a ponderous cliff overlooking the sea.

Sea Head, A town built on a tall headland jutting out into the Swaith Sea.

Morrash, a city that has changed political hands dozens of times throughout the years. It has a mismatch of languages and cultures and architectures because of this.


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