Korab Kal

Capitol: Kal Vedda
Age: 5th Age, 43rd Year – Now
Notable Towns: Crossbar, Meadowdowns, Port Narra
National Language: Common Tongue


The borders of Korab Kal run on the West along the River Cadence and East along the Landerend Rive. The North boundary runs along the Southern edge of the Glamgold Marshes. To the South, the Land’s End Sea forms the barrier. A small chunk of territory in this section, however, is no part of Korab Kal. The town of Morrash and the surrounding area are part of the kingdom of Lwyncanod. Also, Port Narra to the North of the Glamgold Marshes is an outpost of Korab Kal.


Kal Vedda, a bustling port city, and the capitol of Korab Kal. It is situated on the edge of the Bay of Mokhor and flows with commerce.

Crossbar, a rustic town near the River Muth run on the ideals of business and craftsmanship.

Meadowdowns, a farming community South of the Breckol Branch. Fairly large for a farming town, and runs a steady trade because of the fertile soil uin the vicinity.

Port Narra, a port town that was founded recently as a stopping point and shipping port for lumber taken from the Torn Morrow Wood

Sites of Lore

Inside the borders of Korab Kall are the High Barrows and the Bay of Mokhor.

Korab Kal

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