The histories of Arvenfall are reckoned in years made up of four hundred days. Each day is made up of twenty-four hours each totaling sixty minutes, each with sixty seconds. These years were first recorded by Gyrthon, the ancient god of Time. At the beginning of his reign, he wrote the first year in his Tome of Ages, and recorded events as they happened. Thus has he been doing since, and thus shall he do until the end of his reign. Gyrthon also separated the years into ages. These are each composed of a period of five thousand years. The ages serve as a roll of empires risen and empires fallen. It was in the second age, when man had finally begun to take count of the years for himself, that Gyrthon showed his work to the kings of men, who took up the record of years. Thus we have the lists of years before men recorded them.

1st Age

2nd Age

3rd Age

4th Age

5th Age


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