Arvenfall is a world very similar to ours when viewed on a small scale, but vastly different on a large scale. The land and trees and gravity are the same as you would expect, but Arvenfall is a flat world. The seas roll over the edges of the world and fall down in great waterfalls until falling down into a great sea that flows off into the River Styx through the lower planes.


Arvenfall does not revolve around the sun. Instead, the sun revolves around Arvenfall. In the morning, the sun rises in the East and travels across the sky. At the end of the day, it sets beneath the Western horizon. During the night, the sun travels beneath the world and shines down on the lower planes. The moon follows the same path, though many legends say that, instead of descending to the lower planes, it sets into the great Mount Idris each morning. The stars are actually the great, shining realms of the gods and demigods and celestial beings that live their celestial lives high above the dwellings of men. Constellations form from the whim of the gods as they steer their realms across the firmament.



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