A grim looking, if not slightly handsome figure. Most of his form is concealed in heavy crimson robes.


Deadric Human/Mage Adept 1
Power 4 HP 15 Spells
Agility 12 MP 31 16 Fireball
Brawn 10 Halt Foe
Sense 10 Soul Drain
Ken 12 Longbow 1d8
Charm 14 Dagger 1d4
Magic 17 Mages Robes (crimson/scarlet)
XP 5 Lycaenion’s Sabre
GP: 0

Gear: Backpack, Lantern-1 pint of oil, Waterskin-water, Spell Component Pouch,
Spellbook, Trail Rations, Flint and Steel


Deadric’s Bio
Born to a respected family of nobles, he had no choice but to be a talented youth. Grealyn Dexeus his father was a powerful and greedy baron and his mother Elise was a respected priestess of Preybar. As such much of his childhood was spent getting an education, practicing his skills, and devoting his talents to the gods. His peers far exceeded his own talents at swordplay, art, and tests of strength. Searching deep within himself he found a talent none of his friends possessed, magic. He seized upon his knack with the arcane and focused on utilizing its powers to make himself stronger than all the others. At first he kept his talent secret, but after many failed attempts to conjure flame it was revealed. Grealyn came from a family that feared magic would overcome the world, so he immediately sought to train his son to suppress his power. However, his mother felt that his magical talent was a gift from the gods and should be used in their name only. A compromise was reached; the boy would be trained in magic and taught to use it for good. No expense was spared hiring the best tutor from the mages tower in the nearby town of Nerrodot. Ziffar was an old mage, who believed strongly in limiting the strengths of ones magic so as not to trifle with the forces of the divines. He wore robes of white silk, as part of his order which he believed symbolized “good” magic. He taught young Deadric to contain his powers and restrict their usage. During his studies with Ziffar, he learned to focus his magic in another to freeze them in position. This he delighted in practicing on helpless animals, until his instructor caught him in the act. Fifty lashes from a magical whip left scars on his upper back which remains to this day. It was that day when Deadric learned he had a second magic talent….fire! The studio he was being taught in burned to the ground, with Ziffar still inside. The town guard never figured out how Deadric escaped but the old mage simply froze to the spot inside and didn’t leave the burning building as it collapsed on him. The opposite order of magi, the black robes had no trouble in deciphering the mystery. Over nightfall they slipped into Deadric’s bedchamber and inducted the boy into their order. He watched through his own eyes as the strangers took control of his body and forced him up the stairs. His hand swept the door aside, his hand plunged the dagger again and again into his father’s chest. His hand gripped the blade that stole his parent’s life and he knew that he must gain this power to avenge them. Turning to his captors he groveled for their mercy. The black robes gifted him with a tome of magic and took him along on their dark quest for blood. After many years of traveling he gained his revenge, using techniques he had learned from black robe teachings he stole their magic and used it to kill them. With his final justice done, he sought a new purpose in life. Praying to the gods, he had an epiphany. The divine council was subject to change as old gods failed and new gods rose. He must become one of these new divinities and his only means to do so was to steal the magic of an eidolon. Gathering magical power by draining powerful magic from monsters and mages would become his profession. Adventure was the key to finding the powerful magic he needed to ascend the ranks of humanity.

Deadric’s Personality
Deadric started off down the highway to a good happy life, but a series of bad choices has led him down a dark road that is too late to turn back. He still holds some principle of his early childhood, like following laws for the most part, not stealing, not killing others needlessly. He believes himself between the forces of good and evil, his red robe is symbolic to this effect. He believes that in between the black evils and the white good is a red neutral group to which he belongs. He is sophisticated, but not very experienced in some matters which means he sometimes doesn’t make the wisest choices. He led a privileged childhood which lent itself to his arrogant nature very badly. He began to look down on those around him, seeing them not as people but objects he could manipulate to further his own goals. He was well-spoken because of his noble heritage and found that persuasion was one of the skills he was gifted with. Throughout the course of his life few people actually were kind to him, so as a result he is not so kind to others. He can be very nice to those he sees as valuable; oftentimes it is only a guise for a hidden resentment towards the person. He is fairly devout, still paying homage to the gods he will undoubtedly rule one day. He is very persuasive and utilizes coercion often because of his inability to force others to do his bidding.


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